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BarChip synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement is a high performance polypropylene fibre used as structural reinforcement in concrete and shotcrete.

The BarChip reinforcement system works by distributing hundreds of thousands of high tensile strength fibres throughout the entire concrete mix. They reinforce every part of the concrete structure, front to back and top to bottom, leaving no vulnerable unreinforced concrete cover.

BarChip Fibre Concrete Benefits

  • Redistributes load – increased ductility / toughness
  • Eliminates corrosion – long term durability
  • Reduces maintenance costs and rehabilitation closures
  • Eliminates set-up of steel mesh
  • Reduces development cycle times
  • Improves precast production speeds up to 50%
  • Increases abrasion and impact protection
  • 70% reduction in carbon footprint compared to steel
  • Safer and lighter to handle than steel
  • Reduced wear on concrete pumps and hoses
  • BarChip fibre is UV stabilised to resist solar deterioration
  • Weather proof packaging on multi-stack UPVC pallets

BarChip 48

Optimised for precast, paving
and flooring works

BarChip MQ58

Optimised for paving
and flooring works

BarChip 54

Optimised for sprayed concrete


BarChip 60

Optimised for high deformation
sprayed concrete

BarChip R50

Incorporating recycled materials

BarChip R65

Incorporating recycled materials

See Below For PDS and SDS

Characteristic BarChip 48 BarChip 54 BarChip 60 BarChip MQ58 BarChip R50 BarChip R65 Standard
Fibre Class II For structural use in concrete, mortar and grout EN 14889-2
Tensile Strength 640 MPa 640 MPa 640 MPa 640 MPa 610 MPa 610 MPa JIS L 1013/ISO 2062
Young’s Modulus 12 GPa 12 GPa 12 GPa 10 GPa 10 GPa 10 GPa JIS L 1013/ISO 2062
Anchorage Continuous Embossing  
Base Material Virgin Polypropylene Bi-Component Polymer Virgin and Recycled Polypropylene  
Alkali Resistance Excellent  
Length 48 mm 54 mm 60 mm 58 mm 48 mm 65 mm  
CE Certification 0120 – GB10/79678   0120 – GB10/79678 0120 – GB10/79678    
ISO 9001:2015 Certification 0044943